Something Rotten

 Musings of a melancholy Dane

Dear readers,

I would like to congratulate my students in class 3F for their work on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Students put themselves in Hamlet’s place, shared his troubles and his emotions, and put them into words as they would do today – the result is this blog, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

The students who worked on this little project are:

Francesca, Marco B., Sara B., Chiara B., Elena B., Marco C., Simona, Nicole, Matteo, Francesco, Elena M., Sara M., Luca, Chiara S., Jacopo and Serena.

Thanks to prof. Mark Andrew Mansi for hosting our blog on his awesome portal!

Thank you all very much for your attention!

Prof. Pamela Gallio | ESL teacher

 Something Rotten – Musings of a melancholy Dane


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