PET Speaking Exam – Part 1

The PET Exam has 4 parts. – Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
The PET Speaking Exam lasts for 10 – 12 minutes in total

PET Speaking Part ONE: 2-3 minutes per pair

2 Candidates (sometimes 3, but this is unusual)
2 Examiners (one will talk to you & one will assess you)

What do you talk about in Part 1 ?


– This part is a social conversation between the examiner and each candidate in turn. They ask questions about you, your daily routines, likes, dislikes etc. It focuses on general social language. It is aimed to help you relax and therefore do your best. The first question is very often, “What is your name and how do you spell it?” Make sure you practice spelling words and saying letters correctly!

what Topics can come up?

– Family & Home, Your Town, School or Work, English Lessons & Teacher, Hobbies & Interests, Personal Experience,

Possible questions:

Fullscreeen / Print / Download


Your thoughts ...

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