5 stupid things we do in #ELT @NicolaPrentis

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

Putting rubrics above exercises

Has anyone over the age of seven ever really needed to be told to write the words in the gap or to circle the words in a wordsearch? Does anyone under the age of seven even know the noun “gap” or the verb “to circle”? I

am guilty of this as a writer all the time, but only because I have no choice. The rubric I get for writing rubrics means I have to put them in. If I’m not given pre-written rubrics to take up space on the page and patronise the learner, I copy them from whatever sample exercises I have. I doubt I’ve ever written one that needed to be there since there are only a limited number of exercise types. It’s obvious at first glance what’s required for most of them, and for all of them when an example is provided. Matching…

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