Earn more money in ELT

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

Generally speaking, with few exceptions unless you wrote one of the coursebooks that appears in schools everywhere and has done since before most of us got our TEFL certificates, you’re not earning very much as an EFL teacher.

Thanks to private language school sector zero hours contracts or guaranteed but low pay hours, EFL teachers who’ve got past the stage of just wanting to fund a couple of years living abroad need to earn more money to have a decent standard of living. Here’s how.

Go freelance

You’ll instantly be able to charge more than your school pays you, probably with a timetable that suits you better. Doing that in Spain (as the example I can most easily give from personal experience) means upping hourly rates from 10-16€ to 30€.  Typically this doesn’t mean giving up benefits like sick pay, holiday pay, pension as there wasn’t any anyway. Or there…

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