@Coldplay – Up & Up – Awesome Image Description #LearnEnglish

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Definition of ‘get it together’
a. to achieve one’s full potential, either generally as a person or in a particular field of activity
b. to achieve a harmonious frame of mind

Age: 15 -16

Level: Pre-intermediate


1. Tell students they have to write the descriptions of at least 7 images from the video (create captions)

2. Watch the video once with lights off, big screen and good acoustics. Students only observe with awe!

3, Turn half the lights back on. Play the video again. Volume down real low. Students write this time

4. In pairs students compare descriptions and add descriptions that the previously had missed. (Can make it into a competition to see which pair has made the highest number of observations.

5. Use slideshow or doc with individual images getting students input first. Compare student descriptions with slides. Add an new ideas in the comment section below. (we”l feature one’s we like in the post)

Up & Up –Awesome Image Description

Google Doc

Google Slideshow

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