I talked to my father’s ghost tonight.


I was speaking with my mother, when suddenly a ghost appeared. I was shocked and speechless but I had to speak with him anyway. So, fearful, I asked him what he wanted, and he told me to speak with her. Despite the fact that I had already met him, I was struck with a great fear.

So I did, and it seemed to her I was speaking with the invisible air. She could not see what I was seeing.

Actually, he had appeared once more when I was in the company of my friend Horatio and the guards Bernardo and Marcellus. We were out looking for a ghost that had been seen on the castle walls, his presence fell on us like the darkest night. What he said was even more shocking: he was my father’s spirit! He wanted to speak to me face to face.

Resigned and indignant, he told me he had been poisoned by “a snake” while he was sleeping. But by saying snake he meant my uncle. He deprived him of his life, his crown, his wife… I couldn’t believe it. My father, my dear father…

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