He is dead. My father is no more.

vhhhbHello people…. 😦

I want to share my troubles with you. My uncle has killed my father and I don’t know how I can behave with him. Right now I would like to hit his head against the wall or something like that, but I can’t — I know how much my mother loves him.

Moreover he is the king of Denmark and if I thrashed Claudius, I would run the risk of death.

I am deeply troubled about all this and I am really confused.

I’m standing on the bridge, I’m waiting in the dark thinking what I could do…

I wish Ophelia would be here now.

I hope that the anger I feel towards him will abate in the future. Moreover I wish I could consider him as a father for the well-being of the state – and of my mother.

Now I have to go. I promise I will write here again soon.

Your thoughts ...

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