Am I a murderer now?

 Hamlet Kills Polonius

I’ve done something horrible: I have killed a man.

It’s not entirely my fault, though. I thought he was my enemy, Claudius. I was in my mother’s room, arguing with her, when I noticed there was someone behind a tapestry, spying on us. I suddenly felt a well-known feeling: pure rage.

Before I even knew it, I killed him with a sword.

I immediately felt happy, I thought I had finally killed Claudius. But then I saw him. He wasn’t Claudius, he was Polonius. Who was plotting with Claudius against me, anyway, so maybe it’s not such a pity after all. Except that he was my girlfriend and my best friend’s father. I feel so horrible and guilty right now.I hope that I will manage to kill Claudius someday. For the moment I’ll have to get to terms with my conscience.

Your thoughts ...

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