My mum married my uncle. My uncle!

80a7799c7e457d755080d7ba20f09dbfIt seems that, after his death, my father has been rapidly replaced. My mother has forgotten him in only two months! But the worst is yet to come: that man is my uncle Claudius.

I suspect that he is my father’s murderer…

He is a very ambitious man, and he has tried several times to get rid of me: he urged me to take a rest in England with a letter to the King. Immediately curiosity took possession of me; I read what was written in the letter: it was an order to execute the bearer of the document.

I saved myself by having my friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern executed in my place. I mean, I had to! I had no choice!

Now, I want to discover why. Why would a man kill his own nephew? Besides, the news of my father’s death doesn’t seem to have caused any sadness in my uncle’s heart.

I reckon that my mother isn’t a stranger in this affair.

I really need to talk to her, but she is so evasive. Lately she doesn’t take care of me. Tonight I will ask her explanations. I hope that everything goes well and above all that my suspects are not valid. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Your thoughts ...

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