Taboos and Issues – Controversial Discussion Topics

TABOOS AND ISSUES is a photocopiable Teachers’ Resource Book.

It covers many serious issues which are usually, and quite reasonably, considered unsuitable for inclusion in general coursebooks. It provides the opportunity for adults to discuss controversial issues.

The book claims to cover ‘stimulating and relevant topics’ like ‘those we find in the newspapers everyday’ but are not covered in the usual ‘bland’ teaching materials ‘ devoid of the topics we discuss in our daily lives’, and with certain exceptions such as animal rights and ‘How honest are you?’ the topics are most certainly the most unusual and interesting part of the book. They range through wacky (Nudity), profane (Swearing), topical (Designer Babies), downbeat (Do you get depressed?), personal (Cheating on your partner), slightly cheesy (Gays and jobs) and extremely touchy (and possibly dangerous) (Does torture happen in your country?). The book makes the distinction between Taboos, Serious Issues and Personal Matters.

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Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martinez (2001)
Hove, UK: LTP
Pp. x + 80
ISBN 1 899396 41 1

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