The Voice Within – Christina Aguilera

“The Voice Within” is a song by American recording artist Christina Aguilera, taken from her fourth studio album “Stripped” (2002). The song was written by Christina Aguilera and Glen Ballard, with production by Ballard and is a piano-ballad about trusting yourself and your instincts

The single is most known for its simplistic, but critically acclaimed music video that was filmed in black and white as a single continuous camera shot and was directed by David LaChapelle.

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  • to bother
  • don’t bother me – non mi infastidire
  • don’t bother – never mind, don’t worry I’ll be fine
  • hold tight – tieni duro, resisti, tieniti stretto
  • stand your ground – mantieni le tue convinzioni, non farti condizionare dagli altri
  • forsake yourself – abbandonare te stessa
  • heartache – mal di cuore
  • stomachache headache school-ache

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