Inspector Jacques Clouseau learns how to say ‘hamburger’

The Pink Panther (2006)

Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, suited with a Gendarme uniform.
Steve Martin’s rendition of Clouseau in the 2006 film is considered to be a rebooting of the character. The film gives an origin to his role as an inspector: originally an inept Gendarme, he is hired by Chief Inspector Dreyfus to serve as the public investigator into a high-publicity murder so that Dreyfus can carry out his own investigation behind the scenes without risking looking bad if he can’t solve anything. However, the new film is set in a different continuity: Martin’s Clouseau is considerably older than Sellers’, and although the 2006 film was promoted as taking place prior to the events of the first Pink Panther film, the time frame has been advanced to the present day.

Also, in this film, although clueless, Martin’s Clouseau does not seem entirely incompetent, being able to locate the Pink Panther diamond and solve the case on his own through his knowledge of such obscure facts as a Russian army rule that all members must know the location of a specific part of the brain or a clear knowledge of Chinese. He has limited detecting skills, but is good deal more street smart than Sellers’s Clouseau. A running gag with Clouseau in this and the following film is that he randomly attacks his partner to keep him on his toes, only to be successfully countered, and complimenting him.


Inspector Jacques Clouseau learns how to say ‘hamburger’ 


The Pink Panther 2 – Official Trailer

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